Friday, November 16, 2012

Travel Philippines Show offers MEGA VACATION SALE to OFW’s and families

Travel  Philippines  Show  continues   to  offer  its  beneficiaries  education  support  through the  annual  event  on  Dec. 7, 8 & 9, 2012  in Megatrade  Halls  , SM Megamall.  On  its  3rd  year,  Travel  Philippines  show  offers  MEGA  VACATION  SALE  to  invited  OFWs, Balikbayans  and  their  families.  MEGA  Vacation SALE  is  the  showcase  exhibit participated in  by  different  hotels, travels  and  tours  as  well as airlines  and  transportation  who  are  providing   discounted  packages  to   over  6000 invited  OFW's , Balikbayans  and  families.

"Travel  Philippines  Show  is  already  providing  education  support  to  over  a  hundred  Dumagat  children  in  Antipolo  every  year. Under  the  " LAKBAY  'PINAS , SCHOOL SUPPORT TO  DUMAGATS, "  campaign, It  aims  to continuously  support the  education of   Dumagat  children, "  said  Ex-link  Events' Project  Director, Mitch  Ballesteros.

Travel  Philippines  Show  is  a  twin  event  of  the  grandest  OFW/ Balikbayans  event  in Megamall  during  Dec  which  is  on its  9th year  already - the  Mega  Balikbayan / OFW Balikbayans Expo (  MBOX). This is  in  celebration of  Christmas  vacation  of  most  OFW's  and  Balikbayan  in the  Philippines  to  celebrate  family  bonding  and  reunions.

Mega Balikbayan /OFW  Expo  also  features "  OFW  Business  Summit  "  which  aims  to  educate  OFW's  and  their  families  to  venture  into business  and  help  create  job  for  fellow  Filipinos  and  contribute  to Philippine  economic  growth  through  entrepreneurship.

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