Saturday, October 22, 2011

Teleplan Czech Republic will hire OFWs soon!

In an article at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) website, published on the 12th of October 2011, the Philippine Embassy in Prague reported to the Department of Foreign Affairs that Ambassador Evelyn D. Austria-Garcia visited the warranty service company, TELEPLAN PRAGUE S.R.O., on October 5.

Ambassador Austria-Garcia, together with Dutch Ambassador Jan Cornelis Henneman, visited the company to give assistance to the Filipino employees of Teleplan in renewing their residence permits. And afterwards they were given a briefing on the company's activities, including the recruitment of its personnel.

During the briefing given by TELEPLAN Chief Executive Officer and President Gotthard Haug and Vice President for Operations Pierre Gingras at its facility in Ricany, the Ambassador was overjoyed upon hearing that the company intends to hire more Filipinos in its facility in the Czech Republic, almost double their present number of 85.

She was even happier when she was informed that the company is presently discussing a venture in the Philippines with RIM, producers of smart phone Blackberry.

Ambassador Austria-Garcia assured them of the Embassy's assistance to ensure the success of TELEPLAN's operations in the Czech Republic.

TELEPLAN is a global company based in the Netherlands, which has an established presence in 24 sites in over 12 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. The company compose of has 5,600 employees, generates annual revenue of about €278.6 million (US$417.9 million).  Among its clients are Nokia, Cisco, Sony, Microsoft, RIM, Activision, IBM and TOMTOM.

TELEPLAN in Czech Republic employs 509 employees. This includes around 40% overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are involved in various systems operations such as line maintenance, quality and product engineers.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

PDOS at POEA transferred to OWWA

The Department of Labor and Employment and the POEA-OWWA Joint Circular No. 01, Series of 2011 amending the POEA-OWWA Joint Circular No.4, Series of 2002 has transferred the management and conduct of Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) for government-placed and name-hired workers has been transferred to the office of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).


Friday, October 14, 2011

Easy Way to Know If an Email Job Offer is a Scam

These are some of the usual elements present in an email job scam:

An email job scam is complete with a professional looking letter informing the recipients that they are shortlisted for a job opportunity that is waiting for them mostly in European countries such as United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

The letter will also request the recipient to fill out an attached application form. They would also sometimes ask the applicant to provide documents such as resume and employment certificates.

When an applicant responds to this email, the next thing that the scammer will say via email is that the application has been reviewed and found to be eligible for employment.

The letter is complete with a detailed job contract with emphasis on the huge salary and the benefits. Strangely, though the scammer would ask you to call them for inquiries. Please note that legit hiring companies can afford to call their target employees.

It is not hard to think that the job offer might be legitimate because the letter includes the name of the hiring establishments, office address, a link to the official website and contact numbers – basically all of the things that they hoped would build credibility and confirm its legality. Sometimes, they also pretend to be connected with a valid company or government agency. They also do not ask for money right away.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

POEA Advisory: Validation of Exit Clearance of Seafarers

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) recently issued an advisory addressed to all licensed manning agencies regarding the validation of exit clearance of seafarers at the Labor Assistance Center (LAC).

The advisory states that starting November 1, 2011, all seafarers are required to have their travel exit clearances validated at the LAC before their departure.

Last February 28, the POEA released Memorandum Circular No. 3 which exempts seafarers from the requirement of validation of exit clearance at the LAC. However, the POEA decided to recall the past memorandum because the deployment reports submitted by manning agencies are significantly low. This impedes the fast and correct generation of data on seafarer deployment.

The POEA orders all licensed manning agencies to strictly comply with this new memorandum. It is also their duty to inform all their departing seafarers about the new rule on exit clearances. The licensed agencies also have the option to give to LAC a list of their departing seafarers and the departure dates in advance to ensure speedy and smooth validation of their exit.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Job Fair at Megamall

All jobseekers are invited to attend the Philippine Star Career Guide Job Fair on October 11-12, 2011 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Megatrade Hall 2, Megamall, Mandaluyong City. Local and overseas jobs will be offered!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Want to Work Abroad?

Today, many of our fellow Filipino people are looking forward into working abroad. If you ask why, then all I can answer to you is because of financial reasons. Work abroad most of the time, are really high paying and lucrative. Sometimes, the income received is enough for our fellow countrymen to feed their family, provide shelter and most of all give their kids good education and future. You can get all this if you find a good work abroad that is LEGAL and LEGITIMATE.

In case you are one of the many who are really working their way to work abroad, WorkAbroad.PH, a leading job portal catering to Filipino job seekers, gave out good information, tip and advice about how their website will be able to help you out.  Read the email interview below.

work abroad philippines

1). Please Tell Our Readers A Little Something About WorkAbroad.Ph is the leading overseas jobs board in the Philippines, serving more than 500 POEA licensed agencies and more than 1.4 Million job seekers. We provide an avenue where applicants could make their online resumes, advertise themselves to the recruitment agencies and to apply to various positions without taking so much of their time and help them saves money. For the recruitment agencies we give them a great vehicle to advertise their job openings and to find the qualified candidates for their manpower requirement.
WorkAbroad was established in September 2003 and is maintained and operated by Quantum X, Inc., an IT company that specializes in website and software development. It has 10 years experience in web development and online marketing strategies as well as content development.

2). How Do You Manage To Keep Your Job Database Current And Updated?
We let our member agencies manage their own job postings to make sure that they are accurate and updated.

3). Do You Screen Those Job Posting Or The Agencies/Company Themselves Before Allowing Them To Post Their Job Offers?
Yes, before an agency can post their jobs, we require them to submit their POEA License permit and their employee registration at POEA.

4). What Are The Common Jobs Orders That Can Be Found At Your Site? List the top 10 jobs.

These are the Top 10 Positions
1. Mechanical Engineer
2. Electrical Engineer
3. Plumber
4. Civil Engineer
5. Electrician
6. Waitress
7. Quantity Surveyor
8. Accountant
9. Domestic Helper
10. Secretary
(The above detail is really a good help or information for our upcoming college students to properly choose and wisely decide about the course they are about to take. As you can see, there is no NURSING or NURSES job offers as of this year).

5). What Makes WorkAbroad.Ph A Good Choice For Those Looking For A Job Abroad?
WorkAbroad has the most number of recruitment agencies advertising to the website compared to other jobs board and we have the most number of overseas jobs. As of this writing, we have more than 500 member recruitment agencies and we have 45,000 jobs.

For more information about them, their services and their website, follow WorkAbroad.PH twitter account or like them on Facebook.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Job Fair at Trinoma

Attend the 6th North Triangle Career Fair 2011 on October 4-5, 2011, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Activity Center, Trinoma Mall, EDSA Quezon City. Local and overseas job fairs will be offered to all jobseekers.

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