Tuesday, July 8, 2008

20 abused OFWs back home at last

The 20 abused overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) from the United Arab Emirates were already home with the help of Senator Jinggoy Estrada.

Sen. Estrada’s visits in the Middle East is for a film opening, but when he saw how miserable these OFWs are in the crowded shelters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, he decided to bring them home with him, using his own money, since all they need is their plane ticket.

“Most of them were runaways who were maltreated, physically abused, refused food, who were overworked with some even forced into prostitution … These 20 were ready to go, their papers were ready and all they needed were plane tickets,” said Estrada.

He said that there are around hundred more OFWs in the shelters in the UAE. He assures that he’ll repatriate 10 more OFWs soon and will also visit and check the situation of OFWs’ in Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

According to Cresente Relacion of the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Migrant Workers Affairs office there was an adequate amount of money to repatriate OFWs but processing their papers and plane tickets took time.

“It just so happened the senator was there, but we have enough funds to assist [OFWs],” he added.

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