Monday, November 24, 2008

OFWs Deployment in Iraq still ban

The Philippine government keeps the deployment ban of Filipino workers in Iraq despite the request of the Iraqi government to lift the ban since they need some 10 million foreign workers in rebuilding their shattered infrastructure.

“We have a lot of plans for infrastructure so we will be needing...possibly 10 million foreign workers from outside Iraq. That's why we are so in need of Filipino help and experience,” said Iraq's charge d'affaires Adel Mawlood Al-Hakimh.

The deployment ban for Iraq was implemented when Angelo dela Cruz was kidnapped and was threatened to be beheaded.

“We had a talk between our minister of immigration and Philippine officials including the Philippine labour minister. They said maybe it (the ban) will be lifted in the coming months,” the Iraqi official said.

They are still hoping for the consideration of the request since both parties will discuss it by start of 2009.


Anonymous said...

Some of the place in Iraq are safe where most of the filipinos worked in. Like the city of Erbil which have thier own government standing againts terorism. They have highly armed security in every place which since I've been here, I didn't experience any scary news treathing the peace of this place. I admit that some place near by are dangerous but we live peacefully here in this place. The good news is majority residing of this place are christians mentioned catholic and other christian group.
In my opinion, I prefer to vote to take-off the ban or giving chance of some filipinos who already worked here for so many years that ends thier contract and wants to come back and work again.
Erbil is not totaly nice place but good place to live and work with.
Best regards adressing to the President of the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

I have heard and search that the ban to travel Iraq still going on. But the big question is how did the Filipinos get-in in Iraq? It's says from the source that there is elligal recruiters that base in Iraq and connected from Philippine to Dubai to Iraq known as the city of Erbil. And using some escorts which makes Pilipino Workers (OFW) put more money just to process thier papers and some are under the table.

I talk to these guys and from them I know what kind of process they're making to travel Iraq even if its ban. That's the way they manipulate the processing of papers to Iraq. They also process a they said backdated passport and some errasors in the passport and once again under the table process and pay more money to get the papers.

As I know this elligal recruiters now base in Erbil and hiding for some reasons. They bring all the members of the family a reason that they have Staffa case and declared as wanted, and some credit that never been paid from Dubai. I just don't understand why this persons can hide in this area which is possible the government Philippine Embassy can coordinate to catch them and put them in trial court and if possible it's a big help for majority filipinos working thier. Because you can say that this elligal recruiters is a big pain in their ass.

What the government can do in this kind of dealers that makes problem on making monkey bussiness and taking for granted on the same us filipinos and using connections inside and out government offices.

As a citizen, what can we do about it? As an OFW what possible help can we provide to stop elligal recruitment? Specially in this critical area of Iraq. They are making their target in possible area that government concerned.

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