Saturday, March 14, 2009

Resume Writing Tip

Your resume can make or break you. Most resumes contain personal information that are not really needed; your height, weight and your skin. References are not also needed, it won’t help you in making the reader invite you for an interview.

Here are some common errors in writing resume:

  • Too long or too short
  • Poorly designed - crowded, small fonts, too many different fonts
  • Poor grammar, misspelled words, lack of proof-reading
  • Too boastful and aggressive
  • Too many jobs in a short period-job hopper
  • Appears overqualified or “under-qualified”
  • With handwritten corrections
  • Includes information such as being fired of having lawsuits with previous employers
  • Includes salary requirements that are either too high or too low
  • Poorly typewritten or reproduced
  • Soiled with ink, perfume or finger prints
  • Mailed in tiny envelope accompanied by transcripts, letters of recommendations, clearances and other unnecessary attachments
  • Comes without cover letter
  • Sent the same or similar resume to the same person (cunning way to follow up)
  • Follow up call made before the resume was received
  • Several follow up calls that make the job applicant too desperate
  • Totally unrelated to position applied for
  • Suspicious information
  • Unclear job objective
  • Use of unfamiliar jargons or abbreviations
  • Uses odd-sized or extremely thin or thick paper
  • Mailed or faxed “To whom it may concern”

Source: Job Market 101 : The essentials of Finding the right Job, Volume 1 Number 2

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Mel said...

Thanks for the tips. :-)

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