Sunday, October 25, 2009

Helpline for Overstaying OFWs

The Unison League of Organizations Inc. (ULO) chairman Fred Dizon announced a new helpline called “Dial Hope” to help overstaying Filipino workers abroad or most commonly known as Tago ng Tago (TNT) to return home and eventually process their documents to legalize their stay on their host countries.

The chairman of ULO said that TNT workers can contact them anytime without charge just need to trust them and explain their side why they have to escape or hide.

“Our lawyer colleagues in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Canberra), Canada (Vancouver and Montreal), and the US (San Francisco and Las Vegas) will then help the TNT “bargain" with immigration authorities,” says Dizon.

Dizon said TNTs or overstaying Filipinos can call their hotline at (612) 863-8992 and 639205144186 or e-mail them at to tell them about their situation.

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New Helpline Sought for Overstaying Filipinos Abroad


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Anonymous said...

my father is in a deportation cell we need help on how he can come home.Pls help

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