Sunday, February 28, 2010

DFA: Beware of DH jobs at China and Mongolia

The Philippine Embassy in Beijing urges all Filipinos planning to work abroad not to accept job offers from recruiters as domestic helpers in China and Mongolia because it is unlawful to work as a domestic helper in both countries.

In a report to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippine Ambassador to China Francisco L. Benedicto stressed that China's and Mongolia's border control and immigration authorities are stepping up their campaign to apprehend illegal workers and immigrants.

"Filipinos who are promised jobs as domestic helpers in China and Mongolia are always in danger of being arrested because foreign nationals are not allowed to work as domestic helpers in China and Mongolia," Ambassador Benedicto stressed. "The Embassy has been informed by officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Security Bureau that domestic service employment in China is closed to foreigners."

Ambassador Benedicto said that illegal recruiters continue to victimize foreign job seekers, which has resulted in the increasing number of foreigners coming and staying in China and Mongolia with inappropriate visa or working permit.

"Because they don't have proper visa or work permit, foreign job seekers, including our kababayans, who have been victimized by unscrupulous recruiters tend to overstay, hoping to find jobs in China and Mongolia," Ambassador Benedicto said.

Foreigners who overstay or who did not have proper visas face hefty fines up to 5,000 yuan (P33,000), detention and deportation in China. In Mongolia, foreigners who overstay are fined up to US$30 per day.

"The Embassy suggests that prospective overseas Filipino workers take steps to avoid exploitation such as demanding recruiters to issue official receipts, timely turnover of passports with appropriate work visas, draft employment contracts and contact details of employers," Ambassador Benedicto said.



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