Saturday, April 24, 2010

Erap for President, again? His plans for OFWs

McArthur’s famous line “I shall return” seems to be the former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada’s favorite quote as he, again, aspire for Presidential  position in May 10 election. Together with Jejomar Binay as his Vice President, can Erap win the race again? Will he regain the trust of “masa” including our modern day heroes, the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)?

His Platform for OFWs
Protecting and Promoting OFWs: He envisions a Filipino working abroad because he just wants to not he need to. Here are the plans of Erap for overseas Filipino workers.

1. Ensuring that they get the best benefits and proper protection against abuse abroad. This will be achieved by:
              a) Strengthening bilateral relations with receiving countries.
              b) Supporting our labor attaches and welfare officers.

2. Minimizing the social cost borne by separation from their families. This will be achieved by creating a special commission under the Department of Social Welfare and Development specifically to monitor and address the concerns of the families that the OFWs leave behind.

3. Encouraging their return. All efforts will be made to encourage OFWs to return, including:
             a) Giving them incentives to invest their money here.
             b) Creating a commission to study how best to achieve OFWs when they return home.

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