Saturday, April 30, 2011

Essential information for women who want to work in Qatar

Sexism and Discrimination
Are you worried about sexism?

We were. However, when we went out and asked women if they had experienced sexism, most said no - at least not from Qataris. 

Where there was sexism, one Arab lady told us, was in position and pay. She thought it was still harder for women to get to high levels. Qatari women have also told us that they often get paid half as much as their men folk despite, on the whole, being better educated.

For a detailed look at sexism and discrimination (with many supporting comments!) see our post: Working Women and Discrimination in Qatar.

Dangerous Work
Sorry, this is one area in which you are discriminated against. Qatar Labour Law states that women are not allowed to be given dangerous tasks.

Sponsoring Husbands
It used to be difficult to sponsor husbands, despite being technically legal.

The government has now stepped in and made it clear that women can sponsor their husbands.

The College of the North Atlantic has also told us that several female employees sponsor their husbands now.

So, no worries! (There is, however, a minimum salary.)

Maternity Leave
Sucks! Seriously, you are given a very short time to get back to work. There is time set aside for breast feeding, but you are hardly going to be able to pop back home in the time given in Doha's awful traffic.

It's cheap to get servants who can look after your kids - but kids brought up by the servants here (who are not generally trained as nannies) can be extremely spoilt!

For more information on check out our detailed website article: Working Women in Qatar.

Single Life
It may be terrible for men, but if you are woman looking for a partner it's great! There are tonnes of eligible and single young men around. On the negative side, you may endure a few stares (leers?) when out and about!

Source: newsletter June 8, 2010 issue

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