Friday, October 14, 2011

Easy Way to Know If an Email Job Offer is a Scam

These are some of the usual elements present in an email job scam:

An email job scam is complete with a professional looking letter informing the recipients that they are shortlisted for a job opportunity that is waiting for them mostly in European countries such as United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

The letter will also request the recipient to fill out an attached application form. They would also sometimes ask the applicant to provide documents such as resume and employment certificates.

When an applicant responds to this email, the next thing that the scammer will say via email is that the application has been reviewed and found to be eligible for employment.

The letter is complete with a detailed job contract with emphasis on the huge salary and the benefits. Strangely, though the scammer would ask you to call them for inquiries. Please note that legit hiring companies can afford to call their target employees.

It is not hard to think that the job offer might be legitimate because the letter includes the name of the hiring establishments, office address, a link to the official website and contact numbers – basically all of the things that they hoped would build credibility and confirm its legality. Sometimes, they also pretend to be connected with a valid company or government agency. They also do not ask for money right away.

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