Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Libya Welcomes Filipino Workers

The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya or Libya is making an effort to improve their country’s image after taking responsibility for the bombing in Lockerbie Scotland back in 1988 and renouncing the development of weapon of mass destruction. This made the United Nations (UN) finally lift the sanction thus attracting foreign workers including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to work in the country.

In OFWGuide Forum, a discussion entitled “LIBYA - the sleeping giant awakes!” started by pinoyxpat, reveals the pleasing working environment in Libya as compared to other Middle East countries.

“Ang pagkaka-alam ng iba sa atin eh napaka gulo sa lugar na ito, hindi naman pala, sa tingin ko eh, ito na ang susunod na sentro ng destinasyon ng maraming pinoy OFW dahil sa malaking pagbabago ng kanilang ekonomiya,” pinoyxpat said. (Others thought that this place (Libya) is a riot but it’s actually not, I think this would be the next hot destination to many OFWs because of its growing economy.)

He also cited reasons why OFWs would be encourage seeking work in Libya.

  1. Arab country pero mas maluwang ang pamamalakad. (This is an Arab country but rules are very lenient
  2. Pwedeng mag-usap ang babae at lalake. (Opposite sex can talk in public)
  3. 100% remittance sa pinas, pero pwede naman ang cash advance. (100% remittance in the Philippines but you can avail of cash advance.)
  4. Pwede rin ang malalakas na sounds at hindi nagsasara ang mga tindahan tuwing oras ng dasal (Can play music in a maximum volume and stores do not close when they need to pray.)
  5. Hindi naka-abaya ang mga babae. (Women are not required to wear abaya)
  6. Maganda pa ang sahod ng OFW at mostly yearly ang bakasyon. (Salary is good and once a year vacation)
  7. May available na Catholic Church (There is a Catholic church)
Earnings in Libya are taxable but it depends to your employer, there are employers who shoulder the taxes instead of the employees paying their taxes.

Forumer vlueazul added that Libyans are friendly and they are easy to get along with as compare to other nationalities from GCC countries.

Read more about the discussion of our OFWs regarding the working conditions in Libya by visiting this thread LIBYA - the sleeping giant awakes! You need to register first before you can access the forum. 


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