Saturday, May 26, 2012

POEA warns against predatory recruitment

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration is alarmed over reported predatory recruitment schemes used by some licensed recruitment agencies.

Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac said some POEA-licensed recruiters target groups of workers with highly technical skills in companies located in the Philippines.

“There are reports that POEA-licensed recruitment agencies have performed aggressive acts of recruitment, such as distributing leaflets and posting advertisements in specific companies, to lure groups of highly-skilled workers away from their decent jobs in the Philippines," Cacdac said.

He stressed that the practice is both unethical and illegal.

“It is unethical to offer overseas employment to groups of workers, especially highlyskilled workers, for the purpose of pulling them out of gainful employment in our country. Such practices affect our economy and investor confidence, and deplete skills in local industries. Let's be clear about one thing: actual decent work in the Philippines should never be undermined by jobs offered abroad," the Administrator

Cacdac emphasized  that predatory recruitment is illegal under Republic Act No. 8042, as amended by Republic Act No. 10022, and POEA Rules and Regulations.

Section 1 (d), Rule IV of the Omnibus Rules implementing RA 8042, as amended, prohibits any person, whether a non-licensee, non-holder, licensee or holder of authority from  inducing or attempting to induce a worker already employed to quit his employment in order to offer him another, unless the transfer is designed to liberate a worker from oppressive terms and conditions of employment.

Cacdac said the POEA will file proper charges against any person or recruitment agency found violating the said provision of the law and implementing rules.


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