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Your Guide in Working in Kuwait

Your Guide in Working in Kuwait
Kuwait is one of the most popular destination for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). You may want to know how much you will earn and spend before leaving the country and sign your contract. Some expenses you need to consider is you accommodation, food, transportation, mobile loads and some relaxation time.

Before you sign your contract, aside from accommodation, food and transportation allowance, you must understand if your employer will shoulder your plane ticket, so you may have wild estimate if the salary offered is good for you to pursue your plan to work abroad.

According to OFWGuide Forum member, techspeak, food is not so expensive in Kuwait. If you are an average eater, you may allot at least 25KD monthly including your toiletries. There is also catering that offers a month food package cost 14KD, serendipitous2011 added.

Some employers offer free accommodation while some are not. If it happens that your employer do not offer a free accommodation, your budget for a sharing room is around 35-50kd monthly. Same thing with transportation, there are companies that offers free service to employees, so make sure that you can catch the shuttle schedule or else you will allot at least 15KD for your transpo.

Forumer serendipitous2011 also advice to bring your own clothes that to buy it in Kuwait since it is more expensive.

For your mobile load, you may allot 10KD monthly and Internet charge is around 9KD with 24 hours time usage.

Don’ts in Kuwait
Kuwait is a OFW-friendly country but still it is a Muslim kingdom and there are some things that are not pleasing for them that non-Muslims are sometimes practicing. Here are some things that you should avoid doing while working in Kuwait.

1.       PDA (Public Display of Affection)
2.       Wearing of shorts or tight-fitting clothes for women.
3.       Bringing of drugs, alcohol pork products and obscene materials.
4.       Driving while in the influence of liquor.
5.       Living with person that is not your wife of husband.

Before signing your contract you must know if you have:

1.       FREE two way tickets after your 2 years contract.
2.       30 days vacation leaves with pay annually.

If you are longing to more about working in Kuwait, we invite you to visit or check this topic TO ALL OFW OF KUWAIT and destined to work here.

Original article was published here:  Things You Should Know Before Working in Kuwait

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