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What you need to know in Manama, Bahrain?

Bahrain whose capital city is Manama which is also known as Al Manamah, ranks 6th being the popular destination for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) among the Middle East countries. Manama is an Arab city, but it has modern attitude and it is moderately westernized.

Manama has been a great help for the strong economy of Bahrain. The city made it possible to increase the country’s major hotels, pubs, nightlife and other tourist attractions.

In-demand Jobs in Manama
Manama is currently in need of the following positions:

Restaurant Manager/Supervisor
Assistant Managers
AutoCAD Draftsman

Skilled workers
Service Crew
Pipe Fabricator
Heavy Duty Driver

There is no minimum wage for foreign workers in Bahrain, but the Philippine government proposed that the minimum wage for Filipina maids would increase from 200 Bahrain Dinar (BD) (about $529) to BD400 (about $ 1059) per month.

Accommodation depends on the location, if you choose to live near city center like Manama, business district or specific residential areas, expect that it is more expensive than those in countryside.

Shared one bedroom might cost you BD 50 to BD 100, a small medium-class 1-2 bedrooms fully furnished apartment is about BD 150 to BD 250, and a bigger/luxury apartment/villa will cost you about BD 300 and up, remember, prices still depends on the location and ensure if your monthly payment is inclusive or exclusive of municipal tax, electricity, and water (normal usage about 10-20 BD per month for mid class apartment).

There are different modes of transportation available in Manama; taxis, rent-a-car, and some companies have shuttle service that would pick-up and drop off from and to your job site and accommodation.

Metered/unmetered/shared taxis are everywhere; it costs up to 2 BD for in-the-city trip. While renting a car would cost you BD

Renting a car (150-170 BD/month for small car) is another choice. Buying car also is an option since cars either first hand or used are quite cheap here.

Also it's common for some companies to have a pick-up and drop-off transportation from and to your job place and accommodation (pooling point).

Authority to Contact
In case of any labor disputes or misunderstanding between you and your employer, or disaster you can contact the Philippine Embassy located in Manama. You can find it at:

Villa No. 992A, Road No. 3119
Area 331 Adiya Manama 331
BahrainPhone: (+973) 270-597 (DL) (+973) 246-470 (OWWA) 246-300 (TL) (+973) 250-990 or (+973) 259-599
Fax: (+973) 258-583

This article was first published in on February 12, 2007

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