Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Agencies with cancelled licenses

The public is encouraged to report to the POEA any recruitment activity conducted by recruitment agencies with cancelled licenses and/or agencies that have been de-listed from the POEA roster for failure to renew their license and comply with the conditions for the grant of its license.

CANCELLED AGENCIES (Agencies whose licenses were cancelled for committing recruitment violations)

1. 2000 Millennium Maritime and Shipping Agency
2. 3D Manpower & Placement Services Corp.
3. Al Hirsh Manpower Services Inc.
4. Arjams Manpower Services
5. Asia Integrated Management Systems Inc.
6. A-Top Manpower Corporation
7. Celmina Shipping Agency Inc.
8. Centrepoint for Interworld Manpower Services Inc.
9. Dell Maritime Services Company
10. Flourish Maritime Shipping
11. Golden Harvest Human Resources & Management Corporation
12. Guidance International Inc.
13. Honey International Manpower Services
14. Lidros Service Contractor, Inc.
15. Madison Overseas Placement Inc.
16. Micro Pacific Manpower Development Corporation
17. Narcan Shipping & Placement Agency Inc.
18. Onward Resources & Development Services
19. PMAC International Management Services, Inc.
20. Prima Manpower Services Inc.
21. Ren-Glo Enterprises Placement Agency
22. Rubies International Services Inc.
23. Sea-Mar International Manpower Agency, Inc.
24. Seven Ocean International Manpower Corporation
25. Silver Kind International Placement Philippines
26. VGE International Manpower Services

DELISTED AGENCIES (Agencies that failed to renew their license and comply with the conditions for the grant of its license)

1. Across the Miles Manpower Resources, Inc
2. Emmanphil Manpower Services Corporation
3. Intercity Employment Services
4. International Expertise Placement Inc.
5. JNP Promotions International Services Inc.
6. Jobmatch International Placement, Inc.
7. Moreman Development Philippines
8. Multi-Skills Placement & Training Services, Inc
9. Pan Arabian International Manpower Agency
10. Sakura Human Resource Internationale, Inc
11. Sanvill Maritime Agencies, Inc.

Please report to the POEA if the abovementioned agencies are still recruiting.

Source: POEA


Anonymous said...

i need to know where can i report the the misdeeds done by 3d manpower agency. is there any private agency who could assist those who have been swindled by this agency? i'm not very optimistic about asking help from the government. kindly email me at if you can help me. thank you

OFWCorner said...

only the POEA can help your regarding that matter, contact them at 722-1144 or 722-1155, or visit their website at

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