Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How to Acquire Thailand Visa

Do you want to work or just travel in Thailand? Do you want to enjoy the tropical climate in Thailand? Or want to visit the different destination of the country? Well, you must acquire visit to be able to enter here.

This article would help you how to acquire a Thailand visa and which visa should you need. This would give you ideas of what documents you must submit and fees you need to settle.

Types of Visas
There are three types of visa according to the purpose of your visit in Thailand, non-migrant visa, tourist visa and transit visa.

This visa may require approval from the Ministry Concerns from Thailand in case by case and invitation letter from Thailand. The maximum days of stay non-immigrant visa holders is 90 days, you can apply for extension of stay in Thailand if you wish.

The non-migrant visa is use for business and conference, research, mass media or missionary, education, teaching, family reunion, settlement after retirement and medical treatment.

Business and conference - It requires a business letter, with the letter head, stating the purpose of visit, also included name of company, organization or mission and address in Thailand.

Research, mass media or missionary – it requires a letter, with letter head, from company, agency or organization sending you on your mission, and also the letter from your counterpart in Thailand and proof of verification of the institution.

For complete details on how to acquire Thailand visa please click this link:

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