Monday, June 16, 2008

How to Become a Nurse in the US

have been in-demand in the United States due to the increasing aging population. And because of this, more and more nurses are expected to retire on 2010. Aside from that, lesser and lesser youths in US are interested in taking up this field.

In more than 10 years, nearly 90, 000 nurses left the country to put their knowledge into practice. Filipino nurses in U.S can earn up to $3,000 to $4,000 a month.

According to RCM Health Care Services vice president Michael Saks, Filipino nurses are highly preferred to work in US not only because of their education but most importantly because of their work ethics and loyalty. They work until late at night without complaining.

Those who desire to work as a nurse in US here are some ways on how you can apply:

Obtain licensure as a nurse (RN or LPN/LVN) in the United States.
Licensure requirements differ from state to state; you must contact the Board of Nursing in the state where you wish to practice in order to verify the respective and current licensure requirements. Also keep in mind that endorsing (transferring) licensure to another state will also have different procedures depending on the respective state.

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