Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kuwait needs 12,000 OFWs

Whilst many parts of the world suffer from financial crash resulting to mass lay off, Kuwait is not affected since they will need some 12,000 overseas Filipino workers as reported by Philippine labor attaché to the Middle East country Josephus Jimenez.

“Kuwait is not a credit economy, it is a cash economy, and it will continue to need people for jobs in hotels, malls, fast-food chains, and hospitals,” he said. in care homes and hospitals and at the same time be enrolled in accredited British universities offering BSc (hons) Social, Health Care and International Nursing degrees.

“Replacement requirements for jobs in the oil and construction industries continue,” he added.

He also added the 12,000 jobs can easily be filled as he signs 200 contracts every day.

The labor attaché also said the Philippines is avoiding “the five Ds -- dirty, difficult, dangerous, degrading, and deceptive.”

He said Filipinos remain the preferred nationality, receiving more than the usual rates.

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Veronica Uy

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