Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mindset of a Rizal Friendster

As the decade passes by its’ first half, there is only one issue that vibrates tremendously from one household to another, and that is how to get out of this country and fast. Within Sunday family gatherings, Monday’s coffee breaks and especially Sabado night’s beer drinking sessions, it seems that this topic has captivated every Filipino dreaming of change in their lives. Enchanting tales of Honda Accords, houses with swimming pools, Hersey filled refrigerators, health insurances, Nikes, in short, stories about milk and honey occupy the halls of these forums. I believe this is true based on the first hand account of balikbayans spending a fortune while vacationing here. There is nothing wrong with dreaming of alleviating one’s economic status, that’s every man’s right and a duty to himself and to his family.

It looks as if that this is the Filipinos’ Exodus. I can imagine the chaos within each Hebrew’s heart before they decided to leave Egypt while Moses was convincing them that they have a better life in Canaan than being slaves in a foreign land--- is how every Filipino feels as he is contemplating that America is his promised land. Although, we have here a situation in reverse as the chosen people were going back to their homeland. Whatever your decision is, I respect it but my question is --- is this the right collective thinking a descendant of Rizal should have?

Working abroad is now a national policy, that’s why POEA was created. One of its functions is to promote overseas employment. Among the developed countries like the United States or Canada, their government created agencies for the development of their country. On the other hand, our national leaders took the path of helping these countries in their development. Just look at the direction of our educational system. We have mushrooming schools for nurses, caregivers, and the so-called japyuki camouflaged as cultural performers. What is TESDA for--- it is for testing working skills, not for this country but for others. This is very sad. So sad.

After World War II, Japan was very impoverished. Though they got a lot of help from the Americans, they help themselves a lot not by sending overseas workers but by developing their industries. Sony, Mitsubishi, Toyota came into view not by foreign aid alone but by the effort of the Japanese. There was this story in Taiwan when they were just starting up after the war, some families would make car batteries in the backyard with the husband and the wife as the only workers. Look at where Taiwan is now. It is one of the best countries to invest into. Even Korea, when their economy was slowing down because of the Asian financial crisis, their government never made it their national policy to send overseas workers just to bolster their dollar reserves. I don’t think even Argentina made such exodus during their debt moratorium predicament.

Is this to say that Filipinos are cowards? I hope not but it is likely. He fears that he cannot influence his country’s future. He fears of the challenges ahead. He fears that it’s better to abandon ship that die fighting. He fears of the storms before calmness. He would rather wipe a white ass that toil his soil. I don’t believe its survival that causes Bonifacio’s kin to seek greener pasture somewhere else but a loss of confidence in himself.

By Deliverer
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Thu Dec 09, 2004 10:09 pm

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