Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fresh Grads Urge to Take Vocational Courses

The recruitment industries urged high school graduates to enroll for technical or vocational courses for a greater chance of employment since many of available jobs abroad require technical skills.

“The growing mismatch of workers' skills and the need of the industry have resulted to several overseas job vacancies unfilled by OFWs. It’s a matter of choice for students who might want to start a career abroad,” Lito Soriano, chairman of LBS-E Recruitment Solutions said.

He also added that the reason why many graduates end up unemployed is the lack of technical-vocational skills which are required in most industries here and abroad need.

According to him, Saudi Arabia alone, there are job orders for housekeeping, gardeners, equipment technicians, water treatment, civil technicians, plumbers, painters and all maintenance positions on top of the 4,000 Filipino health workers needed there.

As well as the six of the largest military hospitals in the host country such as the Al Hada and Northwest Armed Forces Hospitals are in the process of hiring Filipino workers to work in its medical facilities.

“OFW deployment to the Kingdom will not drop and we expect a higher figure this year due to huge construction projects and increasing need for medical personnel from military hospitals,” Soriano said.

The government through the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has already started a shift in their investments towards more vocational courses under the Ladderized Program. President Arroyo recently announced that the government will allocate P1-billion fund to be used by TESDA to implement massive training programs nationwide for Filipinos in order to gain the necessary labor skills, particularly on machine works, trade, IT, among others.

Raymund F. Antonio

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Philippine Job Openings said...

instead of forcing graduates to take up vocational courses, why not just encourage them to choose careers based on ther skills and interests.

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