Friday, May 22, 2009

Filipino Railway Workers Needed in Romania

Filipino workers are needed to work in the fourth largest railway system in Europe. The Romanian government prefers Filipino worker in maintaining their railway network.

“Despite the gloomy forecast of a world recession which has affected thousands of OFWs in Taiwan, Korea, Dubai and other countries in various parts of the world, Romania is placing a job order for Filipino railway workers that will upgrade the existing railway network in that country,” said Emmanuel Geslani, a recruitment consultant of an organization of recruitment agencies.

According to Geslani, Romania’s railway has 22,300 kilometers of railroad tracks and it carried 45 percent of all passenger and freight traffic in 2007, therefore more railway workers are needed.

Romania’s railways industry particularly needs railway construction foremen, railway constructors, road engineers, asphalting foremen, steel benders, train engine operators, machine-cutters and welders.

Geslani said that aside from Romania, there are still countries opening their doors to foreign workers despite the labor slowdown.

Sheila Crisostomo

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