Monday, May 25, 2009

High Paying Hospital in Abu Dhabi Slates June Visit

One of the highest-paying hospitals in the Middle East has scheduled a recruitment trip to the Abba office this coming June. The big government hospital, a 365-bed facility managed by Global Medical Solutions in Abu Dhabi, will interview nurse-applicants for their nearly 200 vacancies.

The recruitment team, composed of about 8 people, will interview applicants for the following departments: Intensive Care Unit, Recovery Room, Emergency Room, Female and Male Medical Ward, Male Ortho Ward, Out Patient Department, Cardiology, Oncology, Endoscopy, Long Term, Stepdown, Hemodialysis, Pediatric, Anesthesia and VIP.

GMS's last visit to Manila was in December 2007, when they selected 178 Filipino nurses. Most of the nurses were deployed within 2 months after their selection. The compensation package of this government facility is one of the best in the region. The monthly salary starts approximately USD 1300 a month, for those with 3 years work experience, and goes higher for every year in excess of 3 years work. Highly experienced nurses in specialty areas sometimes earn $2476 and that's without OT work yet. In addition, GMS also provides free airfare, yearly housing allowance equivalent to 3 months salary, free education up to 3 children, and a family visa. That means that a nurse can bring in her entire family in the UAE.

Approved applicants are expected to be processed swiflty. The medical exams, which will be free of charge, will be undertaken immediately after the selection of the nurses. Abba is the only accredited agency of GMS in the country. No placement fees will be asked from the approved candidates.

For those interested, please call (02) 637-13-24 / 633-51-75, or send your application thru fax (632) 633-85-89 / 687-36-69 , or email us at

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