Friday, November 23, 2007

Bogus Jobs; “Too Good to be True”

Do not be too desperate in finding job abroad; you might be risking your lives! Avoid being a victim of illegal recruitments…

Beware of recruiters offering jobs in Macau!
According to the advisory of POEA Mindanao Director Francis Domingo which was broadcast over the radio program “POEA online around the Globe,” there are 10 Filipinos arrived in Macau last January 15, unfortunately they discovered that the jobs promised to them do not really exist hence, they are repatriated from Macau.

Domingo said that Macau prioritized its residents in giving job. Foreign workers are only given a chance to work as executives in financial establishments, casinos, gaming operations, hotels and restaurants, information technology and marketing departments.

Fake Job Openings in UK
There are also fake jobs offered in United Kingdom. The British government warned Filipinos to be cautious on job openings through the Internet.

Recruiters sent unsolicited emails offering jobs in UK to jobseekers that post their resumes on jobsites. Recruiters also offers high paying jobs to convince the jobseeker to submit an application for the said job opening. They say that they will give the full details of the job when they reply to the email sent to them.

After the applicant replied to the email, they will asked for an advance fee for the application, and they have to send certain amount of money via wire service to an account under different name, the amount range from 2,250 to over 21,000 euros.

“Do not be rushed into a decision. Do not hesitate to ask questions. You have the right to know about the employment offer and the company. Be wary of demands that you must act now,” the British embassy said.

The Embassy advises the applicants to be extra careful in answering e-mails that offers employment. They should not give money to the recruiters, just like legitimate recruitment agencies do not require the applicant to pay certain amount to process the job application. If they are really determined to work overseas, contact an employment agency of good reputation.

This article was first published in on April 22, 2006

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