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Work in Malaysia

Malaysia, a truly spectacular and engaging country, located in the heart of Asia, and welcomes any races and religions, a land rich in cultures and attractions and blessed with natural wonders. It is a home for everyone, 60% of the populations comprise of ethnic Malays, 26% are Indians and the rest are indigenous tribes.

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, and it is still a developing city. English language is widely spoken and Malaysians prefer to use British English. Since majority of Malays are moderate Muslims, they don’t drink alcohol or eat pork. Religion, sex and politics are very sensitive topic to discuss.

Work in Malaysia

The top two in demand jobs in Malaysia are English teacher and information technology (IT). They are also in need of sales and marketing/business development, finance - general/cost accounting, general administration and engineering.

Although English teacher is definitely in demand in Malaysia, it doesn’t mean that whenever you come in the country you can easily find a job. You must put an effort, check the newspaper or the internet everyday for job listing.

About the salary, RM1500-6000 ($300-$1600) is offered for English teachers per month, The British Council and the international schools are the best paymasters, compared to colleges and universities which are not top payers.

Since Malaysia is facing a shortage of skilled manpower, they offer immense scope for IT professionals. Most employers of IT look for applicants with three to seven years of experience on related specialization and a degree in engineering, computer science or management. They need applicants in the field of Product Costing, Funds Management and other FICO (Financial and Control) modules.

The salary for IT professionals with Senior Management position and specialization in manufacturing as of year 2003, get an average of RM10,390 ($2,846), while those with service specialization get an average salary of RM9,950 ($2,726).

Agreement with Aspiring Workers

The Malaysian government set an arrangement for the employment opportunities in the country. On a press release from Overseas Management Corporation, workers who aspires to work in the said county should have been trained in the Malaysian government-instituted induction course and taken a test and should hold the certificate of the course.

They will study basics of English and Malay, with introduction on the laws and culture of Malaysians. After completing the course, an examination to be conducted by training institute and they are recognized by the Malaysian government. The certificate would last for a year according to the press release.

Surviving the Crisis

Although Malaysia faced a lot of challenges including the global slowdown, the SARS outbreak and even the recent oil price hike. They were able to find measures that will put back the strength of their economy. In fact it has consistently maintained its position as the 18th largest global exporter and the 20th largest importer in the last few years. It is among the world’s principal manufacturer of computer disk drives, palm oil, rubber and timber, likewise maker of Proton--the national car.

It seeks greater market access for agricultural products, industrial goods and services under the Doha negotiations. If the negotiations succeed, greater market access and positively impact on development will ensure.

This article was first published in on February 1, 2006

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