Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to identify swindlers?

People with great desire to work abroad and earn more than what they currently earn are easily misled when they heard an effortless way of living and working abroad. And little did they know that they are being dupe by swindlers. Here are some tips from POEA on how to spot con artists.

1. They asked for a placement fee up front.
Right after you applied for a vacant position they offer, they will immediately asked for a placement fee telling you that the money you’ll give will be used for processing your travel documents without giving you a receipt. Always asked for official receipt in every transaction you make with your recruiter.

2. They promise that you can leave the country hassle-free.
They know that they can lure you with their offer and they also know your weakness.

3. They immediately require you to have a medical examination or training.
They will ask you to have a medical exam/training even if you still don’t have an employer as well as employment contract. Please be reminded that your medical result lasts only for three months, so you should have an examination if you already have an employer and employment contract.

4. Recruitment is done in public places.
Recruitment should only be done within the premises of the recruitment agency. It should not be done in malls, restaurant, etc. they also do a house to house recruitment. They went to remote places to look for possible victim.

5. Recruiter cannot give complete details about the job.
When applying for overseas job, it is very important to know all the details regarding your work. Recruiters must give you all details about your job. If they cannot state your job description, beware, you might be risking your life.

6. Illegal recruiters say that you already have an employer and no need for POEA’s verification.
Even if you already have an employer, you still have to go to the POEA, to verify your employment contract.

7. They recommend the use of visit or tourist visa.
They promised that you can easily leave the country if you use tourist or visit visa. This kind of visa only last for months, and if it expires you will be deported back to the Philippines and you might be jailed too. They encourage you to use visit visa because they have already send some workers overseas.

8. They cannot show the employment contract or working visa.
It is very important that before you leave the country you have read and understand everything that is written in your employment contract. Make sure that you are also holding a working visa and not a visit visa.

9. They claim they are legitimate recruiter from a licensed recruitment agency.
Illegal recruiters claim that they are from duly licensed agency but they do not possessed any identification card issued by the agency. Likewise they cannot give you some information about them, such as their complete name or address.

10. They claim that they are from travel agency or training center.
Bear in mind that travel agencies and training centers are not authorized to recruit and deploy workers. Only recruitment agencies duly licensed by the POEA are allowed to do so.

11. They request the applicant to invite more applicants to facilitate their application.
They only say that it would be easier to process your application if there would be more applicants. No, they asked to invite more applicants so there will be more people to give them money.

12. They promised that your documents will be sent to POEA to process the application.
They will tell you that they will call for after few days because your documents will be sent to POEA to process your application (especially those applying for EPS-Korea).

This article was first published in on August 28, 2006

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